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This menu item is used to create and maintain Happy Hour Specials. Happy Hour specials can be created by adding Products in either of the following ways:


  1. Manually - By using the Add Row button and adding individual Products one at a time. This method is normally used for Happy Hour specials that are limited to a small number of Products.
  2. Wizard - By using the Wizard button to add a large number of Products to a Happy Hour special.


To Be Considered


  1. When a Full Update is sent to the SwiftPOS Touch terminals, SwiftPOS Back Office sends all Happy Hours to the SwiftPOS Touch terminals.
  2. For Happy Hours, in SwiftPOS and higher, it is required that the Send Full Update  to SwiftPOS Touch terminals is selected in the End of Day Options screen.
  3. In SwiftPOS and higher, Happy Hours are sent to the SwiftPOS Touch terminals and initiated locally at the SwiftPOS Touch terminal.
  4. Ensure all Users are set to the same Regional Settings as this can cause issues with Happy Hours.

    NOTE: for Member Happy Hour price, you MUST add the Member befiore the items.




  1. Note : The SwiftPOS Services Monitor is required to be running for Happy Hours  to trigger.


Happy Hour Set-Up





  • Happy Hour Name - Enter an appropriate name for the Happy Hour.
  • Happy Hour is enabled - Select to ensure the Happy Hour is active.


Grid Header


  • Happy Hour Notes - Enter a short description/explanation of the Happy Hour.
  • Day(s) of Week - Select to select the day(s) of the week that the Happy Hour will be active. Select Every Day for all days to be selected.
  • Start/End Time - Select the up/down arrows to set the Start/End times of the Happy Hour. Note : Set this to start at least 2 minutes prior to the Happy Hour period to allow for updates to reach the SwiftPOS Touch terminals.
  • Apply to Media - Select to enable the selection of a Media Type to apply the Happy Hour discount to, for the purposes of reporting. Refer to the Sales Media reports.
  • Locations - Select the Select Locations button to open the Locations screen to select those Locations at which this Happy Hour is to be active. Note : Only the required Locations should be selected to ensure the size of the updates to each SwiftPOS Touch terminal is kept to a minimum.




  • Price Level - Select from the drop down list the Price Level to which the Happy Hour price is to be applied.
  • Product Code - Displays the Product Code of the Product. When using the Add Row button place the cursor in this field and hit the Enter key to open the Search Products screen to select a Product.
  • Description - Displays the Product Description of the Product.
  • Normal - Displays the current selling price of the Product.
  • HH Price - Displays the Happy Hour price of the Product when the Happy Hour is running. Select and right click the HH Price (or row) to set the following:


  • Disable Price Level - Select to ensure the HH Price is disabled. A value if $1M will be entered into the HH Price field. Once set, and when the Product is sold at the SwiftPOS Touch Terminal, the message below will be displayed.


  • Cancel - Exit without disabling.



  • HH Category - Select from the drop down list the Category the Product will be assigned to while the Happy Hour is running.
  • HH Family - Select from the drop down list the Family the Product will be assigned to while the Happy Hour is running.
  • Bonus Points - Enter how many bonus points (in addition to the normal points, they do not replace the normal points) will be awarded to the customer for buying the Product while the Happy Hour is running. Note : The points multiplier in Categories and Member Classifications is ignored for the bonus points. It is a net points value added to the sale, in addition to the current points calculation.
  • Rebate Type - Select from the drop down list one of the following:


  • Rebate Value - Displays/Enter the Rebate as $ Value or Percentage of the item sold depending on the Rebate Type selected. Rebates are sometimes provided by the Manufacturers to promote Products. The rebate applicable is entered here, while the Product is on offer during the Happy Hour. The value of the Rebate reduces the Cost of a Product, ensuring the GP is reported correctly. Rebates applied are reported on in the Extended Specials Sales Report and Specials Sales Reports.


Grid Footer


  • Add Row - Adds a new entry into the grid.
  • Delete Row - Removes the selected entry from the grid.




  • New - Select to add a new Happy Hour.
  • Open - Select to open the Search Promotions screen and select an existing Happy Hour.
  • Copy - Select to copy the selected Happy Hour.
  • Save - Select to save changes.
  • Undo - Select to undo changes made.
  • Delete - Delete the selected Happy Hour.
  • Wizard - Select to invoke the Wizard to add a large numbers of Products to a Happy Hour.
  • Close - Select to exit.




The creation of a Happy Hour can be achieved in either of 2 ways :


  1. Manually OR
  2. Using the Wizard.




  1. Prior to creating a Happy Hour, make sure that NO Price Changes will take effect during the Happy Hour period (as defined by the date range set above).
  2. Select the New button.
  3. Enter a name for the Happy Hour and ensure that the Happy Hour is enabled option is selected.
  4. Enter any Happy Hour Notes that may be needed to identify the Happy Hour.
  5. Select the Day(s) of Week on which the Happy Hour is going to run.
  6. Click the Add Row button and press Enter.
  7. Select a Product and double click it.
  8. Select the HH Category (if required) that the Product will be assigned to.
  9. Select the Price Level to apply the Happy Hour price to.
  10. Enter a HH Price for the Product.
  11. If applicable, enter any Bonus Points or Rebates that may apply.
  12. Select the Save button to complete the creation of a Happy Hour. The Happy Hour prices will be applied to each Product as soon as the start day/time is reached.




Price Levels



Select the Price Levels to which the Happy Hour will apply


  • Location Group - Select a open the Search Location Groups screen to select a Location Group (Venue) and ensure all the Price Levels assigned to that Location Group (Venue) are automatically selected.

  • Location - Select a open the Search Locations screen to select a Location and ensure all the Price Levels assigned to the selected Location are automatically selected.

  • Price Level - Select the individual Price Levels to which the Happy Hour is to apply.

  • Select all Default Price Levels - Select to check all Price Levels.

  • Deselect All - Select to uncheck all Price Levels.

  • Reset Defaults - Select to reset to default settings.

  • Back - Select to return to the previous step.

  • Next - Select to proceed to the next step.

  • Finish - Select to run the wizard.

  • Cancel - Select to exit the wizard.


Source Price



Select the Source Price (Price Level , Cost or Base) on which the new price is to be calculated.


  • From Price Level - Select to open the Search Price Levels screen to select the Price Level based on which the new price will be calculated. For example: To set a Staff Price of 30% less than the normal retail price. To accomplish this select the Price Level that reflects the normal retail price. The 30% calculation is done later in the wizard

  • From Cost Price - Select to open the Search Locations screen to select the Location from which the Cost Price is to be retrieved and used as the basis for the new price calculation. This feature is particularly useful for setting up new Products that have just been purchased from Suppliers. Once a profit margin has been decided on, The prices can easily be updated.

    • Add Tax - Select to add Tax prior to any calculations being done.

  • From Base Price Level - Select to ensure that the new price calculation is based on the Price Level prices themselves.





Select the Products to which the new price calculation is to be applied to.


  • From Group/To Group - Select to open the Search Product Groups screen to return the Products in the From/To Product Group range selected.

  • Family - Select to open the Search Families screen to return the Products in the From/To Family range selected.

  • Product Range - Select to open the Search Product Range screen to return the Products in the Product Range selected.

  • Barcode - Enter/Scan a Barcode or select the button to open the Search Barcode screen to return the Products having the selected Barcode.

  • Include Inactive Products - Select to ensure inactive Products are returned.


Groups & Filters



Formulas & Rounding



Select the Formula and Rounding required to determine the Happy Hour price.


  • Formula Expression - Select from the drop down list one of the following mathematical expressions required to calculate the new price:

  • Value - Enter the value to be used in conjunction with the expression selected above. For example: a value of 0.9 used with the 'Multiply by Value' expression will result in a 10% reduction in price.
  • Bonus Points Multiplier - Select to set the Bonus Points Multiplier.
  • Update $0.00 Prices - Select to ensure prices currently set at $0.00 will be updated as well. This is only applied when the expressions Add, Subtract or Equals are selected. Note : Modifiers, cooking instructions and condiments may all have $0.00 prices and may need to remain at that price, so be sure to review the Products displayed in the grid before saving the Happy Hour.
  • Apply Tax - Select to apply tax after the Formulas have been applied and when the Source Price does not include tax.
  • Rounding - Select one of the following :


  • Quick Service


  • Rounding - Select from the drop down list.
  • Round to Nearest - Select from the drop down list. For example: If a new price was calculated to be $2.93 and rounding was set to the nearest $0.05, then the resultant new price would be set to $2.95.
  • Minus Offset $ - Enter a value to be subtracted from new calculated price. For example: If a value of $0.01 is entered and rounding is set to the nearest $1.00 then the new price will be 1 cent less the nearest dollar, Resulting in a price ending in 99c (i.e.. $14.99).

  • Retail Shop


  • From/To Price - Set the From/To prices for each of the five sets. This will determine which values will be rounded into each set.
  • Down/Up - Specify whether to round up or down for each set.
  • Round To - Specify a pre-set value that all prices within the From/To Price range will be rounded to.

  • No Rounding - Select to NOT apply rounding.


Frequently Asked Questions




What happens when you have 2 Locations with the same price level but only one Location has Happy Hours?

  1. Set up price level 6 to be the same as price level 1 using the update expression. No Family exclusions required. This way, you don?t have to maintain price level 6.
  2. Assign Price Level 6 to the bar that has Happy Hours as the default price.
  3. Create your Happy Hours for Price Level 6 only. Price level 6 could be any price level but was just used for the purpose of creating the example.


Is it possible to increase prices for late night trade?

If live bands are playing late at night and therefore increased staff and security costs are required for late night trade, the Happy Hour feature can be used to automatically apply a surcharge on Products for the late night hours. The next day the prices will revert back to normal.


How do I restrict the sale of Products for certain periods of the day?


It is unlawful for a Licencee to permit intoxicating on licenced premises (section 73(1)(a) of the Liquor Act 2007). The maximum penalty is $11,000

The following drinks are not sold or supplied between midnight and 5am:


  • any drink (commonly referred to as a ?shot?, a ?shooter? or a ?bomb?) that is designed to be consumed rapidly,
  • any ready to drink beverage with an alcohol by volume content of more than 5%, and
  • any drink prepared on the premises that contains more than 30 ml of spirits or liqueur, other than a cocktail that contains spirits or liqueur (or both) mixed with other ingredients and that is not designed to be consumed rapidly.


  1. Create a Happy Hour from midnight to 5am in the morning and ensure all the Products to be restricted from sale are added to the Happy Hour.
  2. Ensure that all Products have a HH Price of $1,000,000.00 and send a Full Update to the SwiftPOS Touch Terminals. (This works in the same way as what the Disable Price Level option does in the Product Full Edit screen when the Price is selected and then right clicked.)
  3. This will ensure that when the Happy Hour is active and that when one of the restricted Products are sold the following message will be displayed.


Is it possible to have a Happy Hour that spans midnight?

Yes, Just make sure the Date From/To and Time From/To are set appropriately. For example :



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