Images Menu




The following Image Menu screen is used throughout SwiftPOS Back Office to enable the management of Images that can be configured for :


  1. Keyboard POS Keys
  2. Keyboard Layouts
  3. Member Cards
  4. Member Labels
  5. Menu Board Designer
  6. Products
  7. Product Labels


Images Menu



This screen is used to Select, Add, Delete, Export and/or Search For Images.




  • Select/Unselect All checkbox - Toggle select to select/unselect all Images.


Search Fields


  • File Name - Enter the description or the partial description to return all the Products that have the text entered, appearing in their description. For example : Enter '24pk' to return all Products with that same text somewhere in their description.




List all Images that are currently uploaded into SwiftPOS.



  • Original Path - Displays the full path of where the image file was originally sourced from. Note : This column is only visible for Product Labels and Member Labels.


Vertical Toolbar Right


  • Prev - Select to display the previous page of images. Only enabled when multiple pages of images exist.
  • Next - Select to display the next page of images. Only enabled when multiple pages of images exist.
  • First - Select to display the first page of images.
  • Last - Select to display the last page of images.




  • Add - Select to open the Get Image screen to select an image file to load and use.
  • Large - Select to enable the adding of Images that are larger than 256x256 pixels. Note : Adding large images can impact the performance of uploading data to SwiftPOS Touch Terminals.
  • View Detail/View Images - Select to toggle between displaying the list of images in detailed and image view. Detailed view lists the filenames, resolutions and other related properties while the image view simply shows the filename and a thumbnail view of the images.
  • Export - Select to export the selected image(s) and save them to a folder.
  • Delete - Select to delete the selected image(s).
  • OK - Select to set the selected image to the currently selected Product.
  • Cancel - Select to exit without setting the image.


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