POS Operation


Touch > Keyboard




The SwiftPOS Touch terminal Keyboard displayed below is one of 5 Keyboard Layout styles available in SwiftPOS and provides an idea of what a Keyboard may look like.


Touch Keyboard



Note : To move the above window around, hold the Ctrl key and click the Status Bar and drag it to a new location on the screen. May come in handy when doing a demo.


Status Bar


Displays the current version of SwiftPOS Touch software, the current Keyboard being displayed and status information. For Status Bar information ...




For Toolbar information ...


Sales Grid


The current sale information is displayed here.


Sales Total Bar


  • Up/Down Arrow - Select to move to the first/last item displayed in the sales grid.
  • -/+ - Select to decrement/increment the quantity of the item currently selected in the Sales Grid.


Numeric Keypad


For more information ...


Item Quantity Operation


Touch > Item Quantity (#7) POS Key - Used to change the current quantity of an item.


  1. At the SwiftPOS Touch terminal sell an item.
  2. Select the item in the sales grid and select the Item Quantity POS Key.
  3. A numeric keypad will be displayed. Enter the new quantity and select OK.
  4. An entry or entries will appear in the sales grid for the quantity entered.


Note : The quantity of an item sold may also be changed by selecting the item in the sales grid and then select either the +/- POS Keys at the bottom of the sales grid.


No Sale Operation


Touch > No Sale (#1) POS Key - Used as a means to open the Cash Drawer and to record that the Cash Drawer has been opened.


Note : Printing does not need to be enabled to use this feature but you must have a printer installed. See also Reason Codes Setup and Post Link Setup.


Open Priced / Manually Priced Items


Used to sell an item where the price is entered at the SwiftPOS Touch terminal.


If you need to create a "Sundry" or "Miscellaneous" Product that has an Open Price, right select the required Price Level in the Product Full Edit screen and select Set as Open Price. Now, if you sell the Product at Touch, you will be prompted to enter the a price.


Selling multiple items with open prices


Example1: 10 [x] [Dollar Amount] Product Key works ok

Example2: 10 [x] [Product Key] [Dollar Amount] works ok

You must press the [x] key before you enter the Product.


Price Change Operations


For more information ...


Minimise Operation


Minimise POS Key - Used to minimise the SwiftPOS Touch Keyboard window to the system tray.


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