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The Registration Toolbar option provides current software Registration information, as well as enabling the request of new Registrations.


To Be Considered


  1. Note : Before requesting a Registration make sure of the following, as these can affect the Registration number issued:

    1. Ensure the Windows region code is set correctly.
    2. Ensure the SwiftPOS Back Office computer name is set correctly. Changing the computer name afterwards will require a new Registration.  Example : "POSSERVER".
    3. After installing SQL Server and all the Windows updates, restart the SwiftPOS Back Office computer. It has been reported that this can effect the Registration number.
    4. Reseller Help - For Software Registrations information.

  1. NetPOS.Net Registration - Any sites installing NetPOS Gaming or Front Office Interfaces will require current software maintenance for SwiftPOS as of the installation date.




  1. NetPOS.Net Service is included with SwiftPOS Back Office. Once an upgrade to the most current version of SwiftPOS Back Office has been completed and NetPOS.Net Service is installed, then NetPOS.Net will appear in the External Applications Toolbar menu of the SwiftPOS Back Office Main Menu. Start the NetPOS.Net Service and select the Interface (Reseller Help - For NetPOS.Net Interface Types information. Then email a Registration request to SwiftPOS Support and we can issue you a rego for it. If NetPOS.Net was previously installed in a different folder, then ensure the NetPOS.Net Service is uninstalled/reinstalled with the correct folder.
  2. Network connection between the SwiftPOS Touch terminal PC and the third party Gaming Systems.
  3. Serial Number required in NetPOS.Net to configure the specific interface. (excluding SwiftPOS Interface).
  4. There is no support for offline Accounts as all the charges are done live which requires the account number to be available.
  5. Select the Location Group (Venue) where these Customer/Members are valid. Select <<ALL> if they are valid in all Locations.
  6. If running NetPOS.Net and older NetPOS software on the same PC, make sure they are NOT using the same port number.
  7. Make sure Customer settings at the SwiftPOS Touch terminal are correct.


To Invoke


From the SwiftPOS Back Office Main Menu screen select the Tools > Registration menu item in the Toolbar.





This screen is accessed from here.


Enter all the details where appropriate. Once entered, export to an XML file and email the file to your Reseller (SwiftPOS supplier) for Registration.


Once processed a Registration file will be issued. This can then be imported using the import Registration option to Register the SwiftPOS software.


Note : Ensure the date format in Windows set as dd/mm/yyyy for the Registration to complete successfully.


Company Details


Enter the Company details such as Company Name, Trading Name, Address, Phone, Fax, ABN and Email.




  • Contact Information can be used to print on Receipts by accessing the Print Fields via the Add Item button. Contact Information will be sourced from the Location, then from the Location Group (Venue) and finally from here, in that order.
  • Email - The email address entered here will be considered the Venue's SwiftPOS registered email address.
  • ABN - The label ABN may vary depending on the ACN/ABN/Company No setting. Also, the ABN # will only be sent to the SwiftPOS Touch terminals, as part of a Full Update, if a value has been entered in the Trading Name field.


Reseller Contact Information


This section displays the Reseller's contact information.


Connect/Touch Licenses & Features


Select or set the appropriate setting for the following:

  • Touch/PDA Licences - Displays/Set the number of licences.
  • Waiter Terminal Licences - Displays/Set the number of licences.
  • Menu Board Licences - Displays/Set the number of licences.
  • KVS Pro Licences - Displays/Set the number of licences.
  • Lifestyle Module - Select to enable.
  • Fiscal Device for Taxes - Select to enable.
  • Third Party Reservations - Select to enable.


Back Office Registration


Select or set the appropriate setting for the following:


  • Modules - Select from the following to enable:

    • Sales Reporting & History
    • Inventory & Suppliers
    • Accounts & Members
    • Fuel
    • Web Reports
    • Advanced eTrade
    • Advanced Host Integration - Note : Previously known as Metcash Integration.
    • Events Module

  • Remote ID - Displays/Set the number of licences required.
  • Locations Groups - Displays/Set the number of licences required.
  • POS Terminals - Displays/Set the number of licences required.
  • PC Users - Displays/Set the number of licences required.
  • Web API Locations - Displays/Set the number of licences required.
  • Web Stores - Displays/Set the number of licences required.
  • Management Apps - Displays/Set the number of licences required.
  • General Ledger - Select from the following:




Note : Selecting anyone of the above may incur an additional charge. To confirm charges, email

  • Database Reference ID - Displays the Database ID associated with the current Registration.
  • Customer Number - Displays the Customer Number associated with the current Registration.


Software Enhancement & License Expiry Dates


  • Software Enhancement - Displays the current expiry date for Software Enhancements. The initial software purchase includes 12 months of Software Enhancements. Any features/enhancements that are made available after this date will NOT be available to those sites whose Software Enhancement Licence has expired. Sites will need to renew their Software Enhancement licence in order to receive any new features/enhancements. The following prompt will be displayed when trying to access a new feature/enhancement that was made available after the expiration date of the Software Enhancement Licence.


  • Licence - If you have purchased the software on a monthly or annual rental basis then this software will cease to operate after the licence expiry date. Note : If the SwiftPOS Back Office software becomes unregistered then in 28 Days, SwiftPOS Touch will shut down every 10 minutes.


Serial Number


The Serial Number is provided by your Reseller (SwiftPOS supplier).




  • Check - Select to validate the current Registration.
  • Enable/Disable Editing - Select to enable/disable editing of the current Registration. Note : Any changes made will require a new Registration to be requested.
  • Export File - Select to export the current Registration details to an XML file. Once created this file can be used to send to your reseller or as a backup/copy in case of a computer failure.
  • Import File - Select to import a Registration file, provided to you by your reseller, to ensure that your software is registered. Note : If you have restored the SwiftPOS database with a different name or into a different folder, your current registration will not be valid anymore.
  • Email Request - Select to display the Confirm screen and email a Registration request.
  • App Licenses - Select to display the App Licenses screen:


  • Testing Database - Select to display a prompt requesting confirmation that SwiftPOS database is to be marked as running as a Testing database. Once confirmed the background colour of the Main Menu will be changed to black. This feature is to primarily provide a visual cue (black background) to users that they are currently using a Testing database and therefore any changes being made ARE NOT being made to live (production) data.


Note : To change the background colour back to normal again, select the Testing Database button again and select YES to the prompt displayed.


  • Close - Select to exit.





This screen is accessed from here.


Complete the details where appropriate. Once entered, select Yes below to email the file to your SwiftPOS supplier for Registration.


Once processed a Registration file will be issued. This can then be imported using the import Registration option to Register the SwiftPOS software.





  • Yes - Select to email and exit.
  • No - Select to exit without emailing.




  • SP-PRODUCTS - Products Only Module - is included with any purchase of SwiftPOS Touch. This allows you to create all your Products, Categories, Groups, Families, Clerks and Keyboards without reading in sales. All sales reporting is done at the SwiftPOS Touch terminal with the Z Reports. This excludes Vouchers which requires the Sales Module.
  • SP-SALES - Sales Reporting & History Module - This allows you to report on sales without having to purchase the Inventory & Suppliers module if you have no requirement for stock control. (This module is a minimum requirement in any site that wants to view sales reports or run Vouchers.)
  • SP-STOCK - Inventory & Suppliers Module - Inventory Control and Supplier Integration complete the Sales Reporting module above.
  • SP-ACC/MEM/LOY - Accounts & Members Module - The Members/Accounts/Loyalty module allows you to interact with your customers.
  • SP-WEBSTORE - Web Store - This is a fully integrated Web Store developed by SwiftPOS including Restaurant bookings and online Membership features.
  • SP-WEBDASHBOARD - Web Reports/Dashboard - Reports, Dashboards, Product Edit, Clerk Edit, Rosters etc in a Web Browser
  • SP-TERM - POS Terminal Licences - This is the total number of any POS Terminals.
  • SP-TOUCH - Touch/PDA Licences - This is the total number of SwiftPOS Touch terminals installed at a site. This includes POS terminals, Reception/Door terminals, Tablets, Mobile devices, etc. If SwiftPOS Touch terminals are being run stand alone, then this would be in breach of the terms of the SwiftPOS licence agreement.
  • SP-MB-PRO - Menu Board Licences - This is the total number of physical Menu Boards (screens) that you have installed. See price list for further details.
  • SP-PC-USER - PC User Licences - The first PC user is included in the Registration and additional concurrent PC users are counted as an individual licence. You can install the SwiftPOS Back Office software on as many computers as you like but will be limited to the number of concurrent users that you are licenced for.
  • Lifestyle Licence - This is a custom module that has been developed for Gym Membership. It requires a SwiftPOS Touch terminal licence.
  • SP-GL - Data Portal Interfaces - Of those available the ones listed here require registration and may incur a charge.  To confirm charges, email
  • SP-WAITER - Waiter POS Licence - For Table Charging in Restaurants. (Excludes payment options like CASH/EFTPOS/Account/Room Charge).


Working with Multiple Databases (For Resellers Only)


A SwiftPOS Registration is linked to the following:


  • The database name (eg. SWIFTPOS.MDF)
  • The name that you give the SQL database (eg. SWIFTPOS)
  • The database file path (eg. C:\SwiftPOS)
  • The unique code that is generated when SQL Server is installed.


If any of the above change, then when a previous Registration is imported it will fail. This can present a problem for resellers who need to work with multiple databases and require all the features that come with Registered systems. To get around this, follow these steps below  to be able to work with multiple databases and use a single Registration file for them:


  1. Create a new SwiftPOS database from the SQL Tools.
  2. Register your SwiftPOS database (as shown above)
  3. Create a backup of the SwiftPOS database. By creating a backup of a blank database there will always have access to a clean database should the need arise.
  4. When transferring a database to your office from a site, ensure that the site's database has been backed up and that the MDF and LDF files have not been just copied. Copying these files is not recommended as this the backup option is a much safer alternative.
  5. Now that there is a collection of databases to work with, all that is needed is to Restore one of them from the collection and overwrite the existing one using the same database name as the Registered database.
  6. Run SwiftPOS Back Office, import the Registration file and new the SwiftPOS database should Register successfully. When another database is needed to be tested simply repeat steps 5 and 6.


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