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This wizard, uses Product Sub Filters to create a range of Products. Originally designed with the clothing retail market in mind, the wizard allows for the quick creation of Products based on a range of Sub Filters that are selectable. For example, for the selling of jeans, it may be necessary to create a range of Products that are based on the selection of the Sub Filters Style, Colour, Wash and Rise.


Product Creation Wizard





  1. In SwiftPOS Back Office > Suppliers > Purchase Orders - Select the New button to create a Purchase Order and select a Supplier.
  2. Select the Product Wizard button to open the Product Creation Wizard screen above.
  3. Set the Products Base Description, which will be used as a prefix to the new Product's Description.
  4. Set the Starting PLU Number.
  5. Select the Category and Product Group.
  6. Select the Product Sub Filters.
  7. Click OK to run the wizard. This will open the Review Products screen below.

  1. The above screen lists Products to be created using the combinations of the selected Product Sub Filters. The Description of the Products listed use the Base Product Description (specified above), suffixed with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th sub filters in that order. Use this screen to change the following :

    • Order Code
    • Cost Price
    • Sell Price
    • PLU
    • Category
    • Group
    • Size
    • Size ID
    • Min/Max Qty - Note : The Max Qty entered will be used as the Total Ordered qty in the Purchase Order.
    • Case Qty

  1. Select the Products to be added to the Purchase Order by checking the Order checkboxes or by using the Check All/Uncheck All buttons. Checked Products must have an Order Code assigned. Click OK to create the Products. The Products will be created with the details specified in this screen.
  2. Finally, once the Products have been created, those Products that had the Order checkbox checked, will be placed into a Purchase Order ready for ordering. See below.


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