Product Languages


Back Office >Products > Product Records > Product Full Edit > Languages button.




This feature is used to add alternate language translations for Product Descriptions. The Alternate Language Description is used when adding Products as POS Keys to the keyboard in Keyboard Designer. This feature is used in multi language environments where staff are able to choose their preferred language at the SwiftPOS Touch terminal.


Alternate Languages





  • License Agreement - Select to view Google Translate API related information.




  • Language - Displays the languages currently supported by SwiftPOS Back Office.
  • Alternate Description - Displays the Product Description translated into the language associated.




  • Save - Select to save changes.
  • Save and Close - Select to save any changes and exit.
  • Translate - Select to automatically translate the selected Language using Google Translate. An internet connection is required.
  • Translate All- Select to automatically translate all Languages using Google Translate. An internet connection is required.  Note : To use the above translate buttons a Google Translate API key must be obtained and saved in the Local Configuration settings.
  • Close - Select to exit.


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