Self Order Kiosk Operation




The Order Kiosk has been designed in such a way that Customer/Members are lead through a series of menus so that they are able to place orders directly themselves.


To Be Considered


  • Kiosk is a Keyboard Layout which is Location specific.
  • Keyboard Designer creates layers for the entire coloured area of the keyboard as a single layer, the effect is a blank page with images on it.
  • Unlimited layers allows you to create complex menu structures.
  • Supports transparent backgrounds on POS Keys and PNG transparent graphics on POS Keys and hides the lines on the edges of the POS Keys.
  • Animated feedback for a POS Key press.
  • Kiosk Prompt on top of the screen with post key press prompting message to all the POS Key properties.
  • Clerk Manager Mode takes you out of kiosk mode based on a card swipe/scan to access the SwiftPOS Touch Tools menu.
  • All other POS functions will be accessible to keep the Kiosk in line with future development of the SwiftPOS Touch Software.


Sample of a Kiosk



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