Order Kiosks




This document provides links to assist in the setting up of Self Serve Order Kiosks.


Example of an Order Kiosk



  • Advertising - Set up screen advertising here.
  • Layout - Design the Kiosk Keyboard Layout here.
  • Banner Message (Top) - Banner Messages can be set here.
  • Button Banners - Each POS Key can also have Banner text. These can be set here.
  • Held Sales - If the option of holding sales is made available at the Self Serve Order Kiosk, then ensure that the sale cannot be recalled as well at the same Self Serve Order Kiosk. To do this ensure the Only Allow Holding setting is selected against the Hold / Recall Sale POS Key on the Order Kiosk Layout.




A Microsoft Windows slide show can be created with graphics to promote the Order Kiosk to Customers. Set this to 1 minute.



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