Barcode Scanner Settings


Touch > Tools > Basic Tools > Terminal Settings > Peripheral List > Barcode Scanner > Edit




Used to configure Barcode Scanner settings.


To Be Considered


  1. Note : Ensure the scanner is programmed to send a Carriage Return and Line Feed (<Enter>) as a suffix.




  1. If no Barcode Scanner exists in the list of Peripherals, then it will need to be added.
  2. Note : Do not use the Keyboard Input Device to setup Barcode Scanner. Always remove the Keyboard Input Device Peripheral where possible because it can confuse the input of other devices that are configured.
  3. You can also sell a Product by entering the Barcode number and pressing [OK]


Barcode Scanners



This screen is accessed from here.


  • Disabled - Select to ensure the peripheral is disabled.
  • USB Input Device - Select to enable the Detect USB Device button and detect.
  • RS232 Scanner - Select to enable the RS232 Settings button, to open the RS232 Settings screen and configure.
  • No OPOS Scanners Installed - Choose OPOS to use OPOS drivers for the attached scanner.
  • Ethernet IO Digital - Select to enable the Settings button, to open the Ethernet I/O Devices screen and configure.
  • Open Service Object Manager - Select to open the Service Object Manager screen.
  • Set Card Masks - Select to open the Card Masks screen and configure the Card Mask required. Leave this blank for variable length cards otherwise use the combination of Dash's and X's to mask the data on the card. Only data in the position's with a Capital X is read.  For more information ...


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