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Allows for the configuring of Product POS Keys.


Product Button Settings



This screen is accessed from here.


  • Check Available Servings - Select to ensure that prior to selling the Product a check on the number of Available Servings remaining is done. This does however require the Available Servings to be set against the Product initially. For more information ... Note : For Available Servings to work, ensure the Enable Available Servings setting is selected in the Table Tracking Settings.
  • Forced Instruction - Select to ensure the Product can only be sold like an Instruction and therefore requires a parent Product to be sold first. Used for example, to sell a 'Plate of Chips' (which is normally sold as a Normal Product) as a side to a Main Meal. Then when this option is selected and a Plate of Chips is sold without having selected a Main Meal before, the following prompt will be displayed:

  • Don't Print Comments on Receipt - Select to ensure Comments are not printed on Receipts. This will only happen when the Product sold is a String PLU with a zero value and this option is selected.
  • Prompt for Tag Id - Select to ensure prompting for a Tag ID. This feature was originally designed to integrate with the use of VAST Turnstiles to provide feedback of Customer/Members use of theme park rides.
  • Sell As - This option is only enabled when the Forced Instruction setting above is not selected. Select to sell the same Product as an instruction. An example of this is a "Plate of Chips" that is normally sold as a "Normal Product" for say $9.00. It maybe that a Guest also requests a meal with a "Plate of Chips" as a side dish with their main course. On your options menu you would also show the "Plate of Chips" but change it to "Instruction" so that it would stay with the Main Meal previously entered.


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